Today my doors and windows are open, I’ve shut off the AC and am currently watching an incredible Autumn breeze float through the still green-leaved trees. It’s only 68 degrees; maybe Fall has finally arrived. The time between September and November contains my favorite time of year, in the Northern Hemisphere anyway. When I lived…… Continue reading Finally

Guess What?

I don’t know that you clicked on the link to this blog surprised to find what I’m about to tell you: Bridget Vogel is moving…………again. Barack Obama and I are similar in at least one way. We both hold fast to an identical life slogan: Change. Try as I might, God isn’t allowing me to…… Continue reading Guess What?

Dream Big

Expectations: we all have them. I used to write a lot about disappointment because of my high expectations. I like to dream big – to believe for the impossible. Having those kinds of dreams used to kick me in the shins when I thought they would never become reality. Of course, big dreams still carry…… Continue reading Dream Big