20s From Heaven, Solar Impact, 5 Months Pregnant & Other Tales

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Day 20: Breaking Records

Katie Ledecky: the girl who likes breaking her own records. I sadly was unable to watch the Olympics this year. I love the USA, but my other "home team" is the Netherlands. There wasn't much to be seen from them this year (sad face) as they usually dominate in the pool. I didn't see Katie… Continue reading Day 20: Breaking Records

Winter’s Brutal Honesty

It’s a completely different landscape when the leaves all fall away. I was riding my bike home the other day. I used to finish that sentence with something like, as I normally do; but lately, I haven’t ridden as much. Call it laziness, if you must, though I’m grateful to have had a couple of friends who,…… Continue reading Winter’s Brutal Honesty

Parable of the Apple Tree

I can’t say that I grew up as the “outdoorsy” type. As a little girl, my mom tells me that I hated getting dirty. I’d always wear shoes outside. Even sandals required a pair of socks. Yes. I was that kid. While neighborhood friends were out adventuring through unclaimed territory of the scary neighbor’s backyard…… Continue reading Parable of the Apple Tree

The War Inside My Head

Things go wrong in life. When they do, it’s often easier to point a finger and cast blame on something other than yourself. Many times, wrong is a result of someone else’s choices. However, my reaction to those choices can define the outcome and how I handle future situations. This week, we begin the second…… Continue reading The War Inside My Head