camaraderie (n.) – a mutual trust and friendship among people Art is such an interesting thing. It has the opportunity to bring the whole world together, and also can stir erroneous competition. Healthy artists will lend themselves to creating art which serves the first; unhealthy artists will take it upon themselves to prove their worth…… Continue reading Camaraderie

Dead Man’s Dreams

I’ve been attempting to get through this record for several weeks since its release. Driving home running some errands yesterday, I had a listen to this song and the chorus really hit me. I don’t want to dance anymore with dark nostalgia // I don’t want to hold hands with the dreams of a dead…… Continue reading Dead Man’s Dreams


n. The whole of one’s possessions, energy, or interest; adv. wholly and completely Hillsong United released a record a few months back titled “Zion” – if you aren’t familiar with Hillsong United I would go ahead and click that link to check out the music. It is a new, refreshing take on worship and I think it’s worth a…… Continue reading ALL

Guess What?

I don’t know that you clicked on the link to this blog surprised to find what I’m about to tell you: Bridget Vogel is moving…………again. Barack Obama and I are similar in at least one way. We both hold fast to an identical life slogan: Change. Try as I might, God isn’t allowing me to…… Continue reading Guess What?

Not Big Enough

For all of you who don’t know me too well, I moved up into my “late twenties” this past Sunday. On this journey, I’ve been trying my best not to wish my life away, but I’m definitely ready for a new year. My mom has always been my biggest fan (as most awesome moms are,…… Continue reading Not Big Enough

Decisions, Decisions

Over the past few days, I’ve really been pondering life…again.  I know 🙂 It seems to me that I lost touch with what was important.  I forgot about the good, lovely, pure and right to think on.  My frustrations and selfish ambitions diluted the reality before me and kept me from seeing my destiny.  Could…… Continue reading Decisions, Decisions