Day 7: Love Strong

Love: it’s a super weird thing. With some people we encounter, love is natural, consistent, special. Regarding others, though, it can be one of the toughest acts of life. Human love is so often conditional because we allow too many factors to define it or the amount we give to someone else. I was thinking…… Continue reading Day 7: Love Strong

Bumps in the Road

Sometimes it’s easy to let the little things derail you. But let’s admit, God is way bigger than a little bump in the road.

No One Else

I’m back in the upstate, spending some quiet time in my favorite little coffee shop overlooking the river.  It’s a little piece of Spokane nestled in the northwest part of South Carolina.  In my two years as an east coast transplant, I never could have imagined what is taking place in my life right now.…… Continue reading No One Else