Farewell, Comparison

Why do I compare? Why do I put stock in things that might not even really be there? She is better at this He is better at that And all the while I’m not improving or being okay with where I’m at.   Comparison writes a sentence: Shuts us up in a cell, digs a…… Continue reading Farewell, Comparison


I almost didn’t make it here today. Everything inside me said, “No, I’m tired.” “Forget it; I’m not inspired.” I’d rather call it a wash and walk away.   My brain is flying to a million places. The rhythms of reality, setting the paces Of listed to-do’s And laundry to get through. Quite boring to…… Continue reading Aha!

Go With the Flow

  Lately, I haven’t been inspired to do anything. And by “lately” I really mean the gaps of time over this last year that seem to be painted black. Even sitting down to write these words is something I’m only doing because God keeps speaking to me, “you need to write.” It’s never a good…… Continue reading Go With the Flow

Drinking Alone isn’t Weird if it’s all You’ve Ever Done

I’ll explain the title later… I completely snapped today. It was almost as if the final chemical had been added to the beaker and the emotional reaction produced a mushroom cloud of bitterness. It was five parts what God is doing in my heart, three parts situational circumstances, four parts hormones, and one part this…… Continue reading Drinking Alone isn’t Weird if it’s all You’ve Ever Done


I wonder about this concept of someday.Has it ever intrigued you? It’s this distant, nearly cosmic idea of what might be. Human beings live for the someday. We get wrapped up in becoming it, yet with such fickle irony, we rarely amount to the very thing we hope to be.Someday I will travel the worldSomeday…… Continue reading Someday


This morning my body decided to wake me up at 6:30am. There was no prodding from an alarm clock, no loud clanging coming from the kitchen. Perhaps it was the reminder that at the grand old age of 26 I should no longer eat anything with salsa after 3pm. In reality, after a great night…… Continue reading Detour