Weeks Away

What happens when we push through uncertainty and fear and take God at His word?


20s From Heaven, Solar Impact, 5 Months Pregnant & Other Tales

Three weeks ago I wrote a blog…

To Be Rich

Have you ever been lost in that daydream where you picture yourself jetting off to some exclusive location on a whim? Or maybe your daydream is a day at the mall, carrying a limitless credit card that you never have to pay back. For others, your thoughts might wander to vacationing on a beach in…… Continue reading To Be Rich

UK Life – Week One

One week ago, I was still in the good ol’ US of A, contemplating what life might be like living in Hereford, Herefordshire. I remember taking a walk on the streets near my mom’s house in South Carolina, trying to wrap my brain around a new way of doing things. Would it be that different?…… Continue reading UK Life – Week One