Beauty & Sorrow

“Art has the power to render sorrow beautiful, make loneliness a shared experience, and transform despair into hope.” – Dr. Brené Brown Day 1 of 11 – today I painted.  This week has been really hard. I’ve officially hit my third trimester of pregnancy, and I don’t know if it’s the hormones or a combination…… Continue reading Beauty & Sorrow

People Come, People Go

Last night the music community lost another great. I’m trying to understand the emotions I’ve been feeling around the death of Tom Petty in the midst of all the recent tragedies our world is experiencing (i.e. The Vegas Massacre). Why do some things, even more terrible, not cause the heart to break like others? It’s…… Continue reading People Come, People Go

Day 6: Find Your Oasis

I don’t know that I was ever one of those kids that thought life was difficult in high school. I was blessed to have some pretty great friends, I was always busy. I never cared too much about being the popular girl. I knew full-well that those late teen years were going to be some…… Continue reading Day 6: Find Your Oasis

Detoured Shortcuts

Long days are nothing new to me. Since coming to Nashville, I realize that time is not always on my side. It seems that in my jobs, I try to do everything as quickly and efficiently as I can, so I can get home and move on to the next thing. Breaks only come late…… Continue reading Detoured Shortcuts

The Lost Boy

What a beautiful day. Greenville is currently in the 60 degrees and sunny mood. She’s been a little unpredictable as of late, but I’m so thankful she chose to decide on something warm and bright for this saturday. I’m following along with our brothers and sisters at Freedom Church as they embark on a journey…… Continue reading The Lost Boy