You May Not Be Like Me

I just started reading Braving the Wilderness by Dr. Brené Brown, and after only the first chapter, I’m going to try my best not to essentially plagiarize the whole thing here on my blog. I had one of those moments flipping through the first 28 pages that you hope to have with authors. I felt like…… Continue reading You May Not Be Like Me


n. The whole of one’s possessions, energy, or interest; adv. wholly and completely Hillsong United released a record a few months back titled “Zion” – if you aren’t familiar with Hillsong United I would go ahead and click that link to check out the music. It is a new, refreshing take on worship and I think it’s worth a…… Continue reading ALL

Drinking Alone isn’t Weird if it’s all You’ve Ever Done

I’ll explain the title later… I completely snapped today. It was almost as if the final chemical had been added to the beaker and the emotional reaction produced a mushroom cloud of bitterness. It was five parts what God is doing in my heart, three parts situational circumstances, four parts hormones, and one part this…… Continue reading Drinking Alone isn’t Weird if it’s all You’ve Ever Done