Day 6: Find Your Oasis

I don’t know that I was ever one of those kids that thought life was difficult in high school. I was blessed to have some pretty great friends, I was always busy. I never cared too much about being the popular girl. I knew full-well that those late teen years were going to be some…… Continue reading Day 6: Find Your Oasis

Open or Closed

Today I’ve been invited to explore the idea of openness. It began with my first yoga session this morning where the affirmation stated, “I am open.” Often we are encouraged to finish that sentence for ourselves. For example, “I am open to possibilities,” or “I am open to the adventure.” I remember asking God in that moment, what…… Continue reading Open or Closed

When at Home

…do as the people at home do. It took me a long time to get to the point where I wanted to look back at Spokane, Washington and truthfully say I’d missed her. Though I resisted, and tried as hard as I could to excuse any need to take a break from South Carolina, I…… Continue reading When at Home