Please Don’t Forget Me Here

What do you do when you feel forgotten? Is it okay to doubt God hears you?


Lessons from the Grocery Store

Day 5 concluded with the bike experiencing some chain issues after the posting of this video. However, I’m going to look at it as just a little bump in the road. My mom reminded me, “there’s a reason for everything.”

Guess What?

I don’t know that you clicked on the link to this blog surprised to find what I’m about to tell you: Bridget Vogel is moving…………again. Barack Obama and I are similar in at least one way. We both hold fast to an identical life slogan: Change. Try as I might, God isn’t allowing me to…… Continue reading Guess What?


Last night I finally finished a song. Of course, by “finished” I really mean, “placed a bunch of words with chords that make sense but have a lot of room for improvement.” I wouldn’t say it was easy. Sometimes artists have moments of brilliance when a piece legitimately flows out of that place without hindrance. Sometimes…… Continue reading Messy