Flying standby is absolutely a test of patience. It’s also one of those things that, oddly enough, teaches me about the character of God. I’m blessed to have a very generous friend who invites me to fly on her airline for reduced costs sometimes. However, that benefit comes with a waiting game. By nature, I’m…… Continue reading Standby

Guess What?

I don’t know that you clicked on the link to this blog surprised to find what I’m about to tell you: Bridget Vogel is moving…………again. Barack Obama and I are similar in at least one way. We both hold fast to an identical life slogan: Change. Try as I might, God isn’t allowing me to…… Continue reading Guess What?

Whispers in Secret

I’m on vacation.  I mean, I have work to do (well, if you call playing a show work), but right now I’m on vacation.  Yesterday I took a drive up to Greenville, South Carolina to hang out with my good friend Berkley before my show in Clemson. It’s a gorgeous day in downtown Greenville.  The…… Continue reading Whispers in Secret

60 Years

March 14, 1950 Today will be the last of the “firsts” since Opa’s passing. Sixty years ago my Oma and Opa promised to love and care for each other until death separated them. Sixty years ago, those words meant a lot more than people these days seem to understand. I guess when you lived through…… Continue reading 60 Years