Please Don’t Forget Me Here

What do you do when you feel forgotten? Is it okay to doubt God hears you?


To Be Rich

Have you ever been lost in that daydream where you picture yourself jetting off to some exclusive location on a whim? Or maybe your daydream is a day at the mall, carrying a limitless credit card that you never have to pay back. For others, your thoughts might wander to vacationing on a beach in…… Continue reading To Be Rich

Faith in Trial

As this year is coming to a close, I have kept up with my annual ritual of reading through my journal to see where I was one, even two years prior. A lot has inspired me reading through the entries. I’ve mourned mistakes but also rejoiced in revelation. I came across a word study I…… Continue reading Faith in Trial

Night In

Ask me what my favorite story of all time is and I will tell you, that of Elizabeth Bennett. I very much enjoy the book, and while this particular rendition doesn’t follow the true work of Jane Austen to the letter, it remains on my top 10. Why do I love the story of Elizabeth…… Continue reading Night In