Weeks Away

What happens when we push through uncertainty and fear and take God at His word?


3 Reasons Why I Hate Asking for Help

                    I was raised by an independent single mother, and taught by grandparents from a very young age that I could do anything I set my mind to. I was doused with old adages encouraging “blood, sweat and tears,” constantly reminded that “when you need a…… Continue reading 3 Reasons Why I Hate Asking for Help

Where’s the Melatonin?

It’s nearing 1am and I can’t sleep. This would not be unusual on a normal Thursday night as I would find myself finishing up an evening of shuffleboard matches and cider drinking among favorite Greenville friends with our favorite Greenville Fellow. But alas, I’m in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with way too much on…… Continue reading Where’s the Melatonin?

Action Amid Anxiety

Life changes. In fact, I was reminded that when the Lord is growing you up, you really can’t stay the same. Everything changes with Him…and yet, because He’s perfect, He never does. He is perfection. Knowing that God is the constant, it should be easy to rely on Him during these seasons of change. However,…… Continue reading Action Amid Anxiety