A Journey of 31 Days

I’ve been in a creative slump for over a year, maybe pushing two. Not that I don’t do creative things or surround myself with creative people. But for some reason, what used to be a free flowing stream of new inspiration was somehow dammed up. I’ve been desperate over these last months to figure a…… Continue reading A Journey of 31 Days

Day 31: The End of a Decade

My final thoughts as a twenty-something.

Their Story is Worth It

I travel a lot these days. To me, it rarely feels like a big deal, but I think for the majority of Americans, I believe I surpass the status quo…tient. Traveling breeds an absolute fascination with airports; more importantly, a fascination with the people I find in airports. For whatever reason, God always seems to…… Continue reading Their Story is Worth It

If it Isn’t God, I’d be Crazy

I’ve heard it said that you find your truest passion when looking back at childhood dreams. In doing so, it appears I’ve been passionate about a lot of crazy things. As a child, I wanted to be everything from a secretary to a veterinarian. I think it was because at 7 years old, computers seemed…… Continue reading If it Isn’t God, I’d be Crazy

Parable of the Apple Tree

I can’t say that I grew up as the “outdoorsy” type. As a little girl, my mom tells me that I hated getting dirty. I’d always wear shoes outside. Even sandals required a pair of socks. Yes. I was that kid. While neighborhood friends were out adventuring through unclaimed territory of the scary neighbor’s backyard…… Continue reading Parable of the Apple Tree

Waves and Sand

God is legitimately a genius. Getting to know him is an adventure. He is so much more than words on a page of a book written thousands of years ago. Yesterday added to the mountain of evidence that he is personally very involved in my life. Monday morning, I sat in the corner of my…… Continue reading Waves and Sand