Creating Art in a Selfie World

You write so many words                                               for people to like them You have to post a thousand pics                                 for…… Continue reading Creating Art in a Selfie World


camaraderie (n.) – a mutual trust and friendship among people Art is such an interesting thing. It has the opportunity to bring the whole world together, and also can stir erroneous competition. Healthy artists will lend themselves to creating art which serves the first; unhealthy artists will take it upon themselves to prove their worth…… Continue reading Camaraderie

Day 10 Lessons

It’s 10:30pm and I’m just now sitting down to post for the day. If I’m being completely honest, I really just wanted to skip it. Today has been busy, I’ve been extremely tired, and the energy I need to write this piece just hasn’t been available. However, my brain couldn’t let me fail this day.…… Continue reading Day 10 Lessons


I just finished the first episode of the Netflix documentary series, Abstract. It’s all about design, which I don’t pretend to know the first thing about. However, I knew that as a creative it would be encouraging and inspirational. I’ll probably write more about what really struck me from this episode, but for now, inspired… Continue reading Experience

Farewell, Comparison

Why do I compare? Why do I put stock in things that might not even really be there? She is better at this He is better at that And all the while I’m not improving or being okay with where I’m at.   Comparison writes a sentence: Shuts us up in a cell, digs a…… Continue reading Farewell, Comparison

Practice Makes…

Many people would finish this sentence with the word perfect. I can’t, however, bring myself to do that. Practice makes…well…something. Gosh, I really hate practice. That is a strong word, hate. So maybe I’ll say something like loathe, or detest, or despise. I started out my musical endeavors as most kids do, tickling the ivories. My grandparents paid for lessons…… Continue reading Practice Makes…

Dead Man’s Dreams

I’ve been attempting to get through this record for several weeks since its release. Driving home running some errands yesterday, I had a listen to this song and the chorus really hit me. I don’t want to dance anymore with dark nostalgia // I don’t want to hold hands with the dreams of a dead…… Continue reading Dead Man’s Dreams