Today my doors and windows are open, I’ve shut off the AC and am currently watching an incredible Autumn breeze float through the still green-leaved trees. It’s only 68 degrees; maybe Fall has finally arrived. The time between September and November contains my favorite time of year, in the Northern Hemisphere anyway. When I lived in the northern part of the US, this time of year was a lot more special than it seems to be to the south. For that reason, I can’t say that I love living here right now. We are teased by moments like this, but often left sad when they don’t choose to stick around.

For me, Autumn is laced with a type of magic. Some people might look at it and find themselves grieving the loss of Summer. And of course, Autumn is the beginning of a natural death-like cycle. But in my mind, I feel something stirring every Autumn. While nature seems to be shutting down for a time of rest, I can’t help but feel the purpose in it. There’s this excitement that washes over me as I see the leaves turn their colors, almost as if they know something I don’t and are urging me to figure it out. I get a renewed sense of life and vision, but it’s interesting how the onset of this death, or restful season, is almost necessary to come before I can begin.

The cooler temperatures bring new energy to my bones. I feel like I can breathe again, no longer strangled by Summer’s humid days. It is a time for learning to start again, an invitation to renewed observation, a simple appreciation of beauty that may only last a few weeks. As a chill fills the air, we don our sweaters and scarves, the materials wrapping us up in a warm, comforting embrace.

Autumn may represent the end of something good, but I see it as the start of something even better. This season reminds me that there’s still hope for great things, there’s still time to finish well. To me, Autumn is the best time to be creative. This is the season to dream, to explore, to try something new. And as Winter approaches, we let those dreams marinate, we spend time with them in hibernation. Springtime births the needed life to make those dreams possible. But without this time, Spring would not have anything to bring to life.

So embrace this season. See it not as one pointing to the onset of death, but one that is preparing you for the new projects, adventure and inspiration ahead. Autumn, what a beauty you are.


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