A Patient Greatness

You might tell me you could take away my crown on this one, but I’m the absolute queen of wanting everything great in life to happen right now. I’ve never been a patient person. Like I said in a previous post, I’ve never been one to enjoy the process. To me, there’s no joy in revising or soaking in a moment with my work. If it’s not good the first time, it’s not good.

I have to like the first draft enough to edit it. Of all the songs I’ve written, I only ever really love the ones I haven’t spent a lot of time with. Gosh, maybe that says something about me and commitment – yikes. But it’s true! My best songs (at least in my opinion) were written in hours, not over days.

I’ve been thinking back on previous blog posts, however, wondering if they have actually been good enough. Because honestly, I just fly through them. I’m writing what comes to my brain, taking a couple of passes to correct spelling and grammar mistakes (which I undoubtedly still miss some) and make sure that my flow has purpose and actually addresses the topic at hand.

I suppose all of my writing has been like that. It’s good. It connects with people. I get positive feedback. But is it great? Is there an element of patience, of waiting around with a concept, a topic, a piece, of allowing it to soak into every fiber of your being that truly makes it great? Do passion and patience play the same game?

What do you think it means to be a patient artist? Is that harder in our technologically overwhelmed existence? For me it is. I don’t open up time and space to marinate in my work. Most often, I’d rather watch Netflix than sit still, silently allowing my passion to bother me until I explode with vision. People churn out books and songs and photographic series at lightening speed it seems. It’s easy to let my own mind deceive my heart into believing there isn’t room for my work, my dream, my passion. And not even that there isn’t room, but that there isn’t time!

And yet, deep within myself, my own spirit, connected to the Greatest Forces of creativity in the Universe, tells me there is always time and space for what my heart longs to say. Those lies come from a man-made world focused on success and achievement, not beauty and love. When we give ourselves the permission to pause, the freedom to take however long is necessary to enjoy doing what we were made to do, we don’t just add to the noise, we fulfill a purpose.

This Write 31 Days project is not necessarily the best opportunity to practice being a patient artist, but I’m so aware of the role patience plays in making me a better one. Hopefully, utilizing this month to practice giving room to creativity each day will teach me how to incorporate patience into my art. The point isn’t to manufacture something as quick as possible. I don’t want to merely make something good, I want to create something great.

Cheers to learning the art of patience. Cheers to developing your own patient greatness.
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