A Journey of 31 Days

I’ve been in a creative slump for over a year, maybe pushing two. Not that I don’t do creative things or surround myself with creative people. But for some reason, what used to be a free flowing stream of new inspiration was somehow dammed up. I’ve been desperate over these last months to figure a way out of this maze that seems to dead-end at every turn.

Each October (and sometimes even more often) I receive a notification of a 31-day writing challenge. Never have I been able to do it, but I thought, this year would be the perfect time. I would like to go on a journey of redefining creativity. I have every intention of this being a personal quest, but maybe you will relate to things I feel and things I share.

Undoubtedly, there are seasons for everything, but I have a resurrected determination that this is the time to fight for what was once so much a part of me. For the sake of my soul, the sake of my purpose and the sake of teaching my yet-to-be-born child that we don’t just give up in this family.

With all that said, I’d like to invite you on this journey with me: a journey of uncovering hidden passion, of reclaiming stolen treasures, and finding my way back home. Please comment and share as you feel appropriate. I’m excited to go on this adventure together.

Follow the series using the links below:

Day 2: Fear

Day 3: People Come, People Go

Day 4: Aha!

Day 5: A Patient Greatness

Day 6: Dead Man’s Dreams

Day 7: Practice Makes…

Day 8: Farewell, Comparison

Day 9: Experience

Day 10: Lessons

Day 11: Camaraderie

Day 12: Please Forgive Me, I Was Busy (not a post)

Day 13: Creating Art in a Selfie World

Day 14: You May Not Be Like Me

Day 15: Creative, But Not Here (not a post)

Day 16: Finally


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