Day 8: Worrier or Warrior?

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.”

[Matthew 6:34]

How many times has someone brought that scripture to your attention when you express discomfort or dissatisfaction in a particular area of your life? Or they start whistling a 1988 Bobby McFerrin tune in your ear. I suppose in the last decade, I’ve come to realise that simply telling a person, “hey! Don’t worry!” doesn’t really do anything to those thoughts flooding their mind.


The character “Sadness” from the film Inside Out is how I actually picture worry. We’ve all felt the feeling of worry at one or many points in our life. Have you noticed that worry doesn’t accomplish much? It’s difficult to tell worry to buzz off especially when you’re in the middle of…well…worrying. Worry is a klutz, worry can lead to sadness and depression, but mostly, it doesn’t really allow us to actually move forward in anything because worry and fear tend to run together.

God tells us in His Word not to worry. But He doesn’t just leave it at that.

My friend posted something the other day that I actually misread. It was something about a worrier, but I read it as “warrior.” It got me thinking. The only way to combat worry is to train to become the opposite of it.

Turn your worrier into a warrior.braveheart

I think I’ve been watching my husband play too much Pokémon because the image in my mind now is catching all the little “Worriers” to get enough candies to evolve it into a “Warrior.” It doesn’t really work that way, so how is it that we can actually turn our worrier into a warrior? We must have an awareness of who is fighting with us.

I love the way the Message version translates that scripture in Matthew 6:

Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.

A worrier is a defenceless position but a warrior takes the offensive. A worrier often thinks too much about the future, about what could happen, about what may never happen. But a warrior is focused on the battle at hand. Yes, they have a plan, but they understand that all of their focus has to remain in the moment. This verse said we must give our entire attention to God. A warrior puts trust in their General, their Captain, their Chief to know what’s up ahead, but also to keep their own head in the current task.

Not worrying is being active with the present moment. Not worrying is the act of trusting God with what we can’t see. Not worrying is the act of giving up the need for control. Not worrying results in a more grounded, stable existence because we aren’t concerned with millions of possible outcomes.

Be present. Trust your guide. Relinquish your need to know. Don’t worry; be happy. Turn your worrier into a warrior.


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