Day 7: Love Strong

Love: it’s a super weird thing. With some people we encounter, love is natural, consistent, special. Regarding others, though, it can be one of the toughest acts of life. Human love is so often conditional because we allow too many factors to define it or the amount we give to someone else.

I was thinking about the idea of respect the other day. Every person I meet has a meter. This meter is at 100% in the beginning. To me, they have 100% respect, love, trust, etc. Oddly, I tend to love people I barely know a lot more than when they’ve established a place in my life. Why? Because their meter depletes. If I get hurt, am wronged or they, in anyway break that trust, they’ve lost points. My system does not adhere to that whole “love keeps no record of wrongs” thing…which is why I need the love of Jesus.

Some people judge others from the beginning. The acquaintance’s meter starts at zero & must be filled through time. Either way, we  humans keep score. Our love is fickle because we are faulty.

I have heard about way too many people getting divorced lately. I don’t know the ins and outs of certain cenarios but as a newlywed, it freaks me out. My generation was torn up by divorce, divided by lack of love. We had horrible examples of anyone who would fight for love, whether they wanted to or not.

We don’t value commitment. We don’t value our words.

I know more people who will go to the gym every day, commit to a restrictive eating plan, chase weight goals & work toward running marathons than putting that same effort into their relationships. For some reason, we’d rather just give up.

Whether it’s family or a partner, we have a responsibility to love them. We might hate them every day, just like we might hate going to the gym or getting up early for that run. But if we’re going to be healthy in life, we have to struggle through those seasons in love.

Love isn’t strong unless you work it out.

I’m terrified of getting too tired to love my husband. It pains me that I’ve given up on friendships because it was simply easier to walk away. That’s why I want to make it a point in my thirties to work out love. I don’t want to be a statistic because giving up was the easier choice. I don’t want to be lonely because making effort was too much of a challenge.

If people know the love of Jesus by the way we love, I don’t want my advertisement to be hypocritical. Take ownership to know your record keeping is not how Jesus told us to love. Your comparison-making is not his way. We are called to LOVE each other, through the good, great, bad and worse. Work out love better than you work out your legs, you know what I’m sayin?

It’s not easy, but we won’t change the world unless we love strong.

(If you are going through or have been through divorce, please know I did not intend for this post to bring condemnation. I know there are many factors that go into a decision like that – many times because one person wants to love and the other doesn’t. Please know I was not blaming you if you had to make this decision for reasons out of your control. My prayer is that God would fill you with love and hope for the best that is to come. “There is therefore NOW no condemnation for those in Jesus.”)


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