Day 6: Find Your Oasis

I don’t know that I was ever one of those kids that thought life was difficult in high school. I was blessed to have some pretty great friends, I was always busy. I never cared too much about being the popular girl. I knew full-well that those late teen years were going to be some of my easiest.

I graduated, attended University, and life definitely got harder. I loved school; that wasn’t the problem. Honestly, the hardest part moving from my teens to my twenties was growing up. All of a sudden I had to balance things. I had to learn to make time for life. I had to make time for a job. My greatest challenge was probably making time for family. My mom and I had never really been angry at each other before and now, all of a sudden, we fought. I lost friends, felt deep rejection from them, and was hurt by people I thought loved me.

In all of my 19 years of being a “kid” no one ever offered a survival course in adulthood. We were tossed out into a desert parched of optimism and goodness without much preparation whatsoever. Life became about success and fighting our way through it rather than having fun and enjoying the ride. Here at the end of my twenties, I know from experience that life isn’t easy (disclaimer: my American “wealth” means it’s not really too hard either. However…).

We take on more responsibility so we often worry more. Some of us slip into becoming one of the 30% of Americans who deal with depression at some point in their life (Healthline). We start getting into debt, we get married, we have children of our own. All the while, we still feel like kids ourselves, lost and confused in this great big world.

I supposed I became one of those people who had difficulty finding the glass half full as I grew up. Most of my twenties was spent worried about things I never needed to worry about. But in the midst of feeling at the end of myself, uncertain if I’d make it out alive, there was always an oasis. Sometimes, we just need to remember we have the ability to find it.

My oasis has always been God. I don’t know how I could truly get through anything without faith in something greater, a true faith in him. But if you look close enough, even every scenario and situation we encounter has a lesson we can learn and grow from. Every moment of desperation, remember there is water somewhere close by. You can make it. You will survive.

I hope your oasis is found in God, in the freedom he offers us. But I also encourage you to to look around and find your oasis friends, partners, places, books, whatever good is out there in the world for you to drink up; the things that bring life to even the most deserted places. For as much bad as we seem to find growing into our adulthood, there is still a whole lot of good out there to breathe in and enjoy.

There’s an oasis in every desert.


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