Day 4: Life Happens

My twenties helped me to learn that even the best plans with the greatest motivation & determination will rarely go the way you expect. Why? That four-letter word none of us can escape: LIFE.
Life is great at forfeiting our best intentions.

Haha – and you just have to laugh about it.

As a small example, I wanted to write every day for 30 days this month. But I just started a new job. And I have rehearsal sometimes 3 nights per week. One day into my great commitment, I “failed.”

The thing I guess I’ve tried to come to terms with in my twenties is that I will fall short. (I’m an only child, guys. This lesson is not easy to learn.) But that shortfall is only failure if you don’t try again.

Life will derail you. Things will come up that make it feel impossible to continue pursuing your almighty plan – calling – dream – goal. But dangnabbit, those delays aren’t failure!

Look life in the eye, say “touché, life!” and keep moving on until you can pick back up whatever it made you drop in that moment. Just don’t beat yourself up about it.

Take it easy. Embrace the change. Get up and try again. Pick up where you left off, if you want to – or try something new!

Another great reminder that the goal isn’t the end; the goal is becoming a better you through the process.


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