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Hello blogosphere.

I disappeared from this world for a while. I don’t know if I can really explain why, except for the notion that I had little idea of what to share on these pages. It may be because I’ve hit a point where I feel like I know absolutely nothing, and thus have nothing to share. I suppose that’s often been true, but I haven’t let it stop me before! (please laugh: it was meant to be a joke).

I used to air my challenges here. In the past, it’s been a safe place to process the thoughts of my tangled mind. But over the last few months, I think I’ve struggled to even find the starting point of this chaotic ball of string.

My mom is an avid crocheter. She makes incredibly beautiful things: baby clothes, blankets, hats…you name it, she will find a pattern and create something awe-worthy. I remember growing up amid her collection of yarn. Some skeins were wound very nicely, making them easy to work with. Sometimes that yarn looked perfect on the outside, but, as she would go to pull more from the bundle, she would have to sort out a tangled web of cotton that was somehow upset there in the middle.

I suppose this is what I’ve been feeling like lately here in England.

Some days are perfect. It’s easy going, life is wonderful, God and I are on the same page. But then other times, I find a knot, a tangle, a mess that I didn’t expect. But isn’t that life? The thing about these knots in the yarn is that you must often stop working on the thing you’re trying to make to sort them out. There is a process of placing your work down to figure out a solution.

My analogy stops there, however. The more I realize how my mind is a tangled mess of problems I cannot solve, the more I learn that God is the only one to sort them out. I think God looks at our lives as multiple projects all sourced by multiple metaphorical skeins of yarn. We may work from one idea, or in one area, or on one character trait for a while and then hit a knot in the yarn. The problem that I have, and maybe you can relate, is that I often want to quit every project once I happen upon that one knot and focus on fixing it myself.

But I think God says, hey, I’ll sort this one out for you. Just set it down for a moment, go over to another and keep working. It will all come together!

Paul says we are God’s “workmanship” in Ephesians 2:10. We are one big tapestry of issues and beautiful qualities, of challenges and attitudes. We sometimes get it right and sometimes we fail. Neither of those outcomes mean we should give up. God has something amazing in mind for each one of our lives. We take part in His process of creating this incredible work.

Stictoitiveness is one quality I tend to lack. It’s because I want immediate results. I  actually don’t want the knots to exist at all. When they do, I get frustrated and want to give up. From watching my mother crochet, I learned that you don’t get something beautiful if you let a couple of tangles stop you. We have to let God work out the issue so we can continue on the journey.

A few great things to remember when we happen upon the knots in our lives:

1) We don’t have to sort them alone (Romans 8:28).

2) If you believe in Jesus, you’ve already overcome because His power dwells within you (Romans 8:11).

3) We know that when God begins a good work in us, He is faithful to complete it (Philippians 1:6).

See, I didn’t even know where this blog was going to lead when I sat down to write today. But God has just encouraged me that He has a great, beautiful, masterpiece of a plan ahead for me, tangles and all. As importantly, He has a great, beautiful, masterpiece of a plan in store for you as well. Let Him untangle the knots.

Be encouraged: He has it all under control.

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Thank you 🙂

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