3 Reasons Why I Hate Asking for Help













I was raised by an independent single mother, and taught by grandparents from a very young age that I could do anything I set my mind to. I was doused with old adages encouraging “blood, sweat and tears,” constantly reminded that “when you need a helping hand, look at the end of your own arm first.”

I come from a family of risk takers and self-starters, it’s true. I’ve related more to the hard-working men and women in my family than any others. Success is self-achieved and self-sustained. No one can get you where you want to be but Y-O-U.

God has placed me in a few situations over the past 8 years where I have had to ask people for help and it is one of the most horrible feelings in the world. Here I am, lightyears away from funding a move in several weeks that should take me months to save for. I have been praying to God, asking Him for help, knowing that truly only He can provide a way. But then it hit me, God uses people to do His work in every circumstance, including miraculous ones. While this is true, I want to share with you three reasons why I hate asking for help, knowing these are also three things I just have to overcome:

1. I Feel Ashamed & Inadequate

Maybe it’s being an only child, or maybe it is how I was raised, but the idea of asking someone else to fit the bill for something of my own desire wrecks me. I did it when I joined Master’s Commission, I did it when I launched a Kickstarter campaign for The Shakedown. Now I’m doing it again. This summer in Nashville has taught me an awful lot about the value of hard work. I am so prepared to go home and work ten jobs and kill myself to fund this goal, but I think I’d be missing the point.

2. It Must Be Annoying

Everyone is asking for money. Whether it’s your friend’s band trying to fund a new record or the guy on the street corner with a cardboard sign, this “want” is always in front of us. Generosity is an amazing concept, but when is enough, enough? I fear people are guilted into giving too often. They just want to get it off their conscience or make the person stop bothering them. But that charity organization’s letters keep coming and all they want is more. My donations never appear to be enough.

3. No One Cares That Much

Is my cause really worth it? I hate asking for help because I start to think no one cares as much about this project/goal/etc to actually support it. I know the cost and have conducted a personal risk assessment, but to many others, it’s just another prayer request on a list of hundreds, probably far more important ones. Why should I ask someone to jump into a boat of risk with me? It doesn’t make sense.

But let’s get real: the truth of the matter is that Jesus continually encourages us to ASK. Matthew 7, “ask and it shall be given,” Mark 11, “whatever you need, when you pray, believe you’ve received it.” Plain and simple, if Jesus said it, I should do it.

I go back to that story of the guy stuck in the middle of the ocean in his sinking boat. He prays to God asking for help. The man is found by another boat, but rejects help because, he says, “God will save me!” The man goes through this scenario a few more times, and finally finding himself only kept afloat by a single piece of wood, he cries out, “God! Why haven’t you saved me?”

God answers, “I tried three times, but you wouldn’t let me.”

God-sized miracles happen with people, period. God isn’t limited by finances or locations. He’s not frightened by recessions or threats of war or the menial amount in my bank account. He can use anyone, any way, for anything. The more I pray about this next HUMONGO step in my journey, the more I realize it isn’t about me. I can’t worry that I’ll appear needy. I can’t fear annoying people. And I have to understand that people really do care. Maybe people who I least expect.

Friends, I’ll put it right out there: I need about $12,000 this year. And I’ll need about $7,000 of that amount in a matter of weeks. I’m buying a plane ticket with full confidence that God is going to show up and use some amazing people to fund his work in my life and through my life.

Here are a few ways you can be part of this crazy journey:

1. Attend my StageIt online show on September 2nd. Follow this link to purchase a ticket.

– tickets are $5.00 with the opportunity to leave tips/donations during the show.

2. Give online via my Fundly donations page.

– this is a secure website. 95% of your donation will go to the mission

3. Attend my Greenville, SC Moe Joe’s show with Ella Mae Bowen on September 12th

– I will be selling my EP for $5 and will take donations at the show. Please invite EVERYONE!!!

I am also asking for monthly donors. That $12,000 includes between $300-$600 of monthly support as I cannot work in the UK this year. Please email me at vogel.bridget@gmail.com for ways to be a monthly supporter.

James encourages, “you have not because you ask not.” Following the example of Jesus, I’m making some major requests of my Father in heaven who has no limitations whatsoever. The funds could drop out of the sky if He wanted them to, but instead, He is knocking down my pride a few notches and asking me to ask you for help.

Thank you so much, everyone. Let’s get ready for some exciting stuff.



One thought on “3 Reasons Why I Hate Asking for Help

  1. Asking people for money is so difficult! When I was having to raise support for my involvement with YWAM I had this amazing revelation. God revealed to me that people are not investing in the mission as much as they are investing in the person.

    Even if people don’t get it or care about what you will be doing in the UK, they care about YOU and that is more than enough incentive for most people to donate and financially support.

    YOU are a person worth supporting. You are amazing, beautiful, talented, lovely, and so worth every single penny!


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