Flying standby is absolutely a test of patience. It’s also one of those things that, oddly enough, teaches me about the character of God.

I’m blessed to have a very generous friend who invites me to fly on her airline for reduced costs sometimes. However, that benefit comes with a waiting game.

By nature, I’m a very stressful person. It is a personality trait I have, and must continually work on to reverse. Over the years, taking deep breaths and realizing how disadvantageous it is to sweat the small stuff, I’m learning to embrace stress. If you knew me even 5 years ago, you would know I’m way more go-with-the-flow than I’ve ever been.

This past Sunday, the Worship Director at Freedom Church, Dave Thomas, preached a really great word about when life takes unexpected turns. He spoke about placing too much trust in our story and not the Author of it. When we face adversity and trial, bumps in the road, etc., it’s so easy to look around and wonder where God is in it all. How could He let things happen when He is supposed to know all?

The point here is, when we ask those kinds of questions, we stop trusting in His sovereignty.

Right now, I’m in an odd place…not sitting in this airport, but kind of in life. So many things are up in the air, not to make a really bad airport pun. When you’re flying standby, you really don’t have any control over your situation. Let’s be honest, when you fly in general, your are simply a person sitting in a seat, enclosed in tons of metal, being hurled through the atmosphere at 500 mph. It’s amazing we put more trust in inanimate objects like this, than a powerful, living God. – *preaching to myself* – Anyway, this standby situation is truly up to a crazy web of flights, number of seats available and people who don’t show up. It’s a gamble, really. In the end, you will probably get to where you’re going. There just isn’t a guarantee of when, or that it will be an easy process.

It’s in these moments, especially right now, that I realize worry does nothing to improve the situation. Like following Jesus (I know it’s a bit of a loose comparison, but stay with me), I have placed my life in the hands of something I don’t really understand. I made the choice to book this kind of flight and not take the safe, sure, easy route. There’s a lot more excitement and a lot more risk doing life this way, and that’s pretty much how it is with Jesus, too. Unlike flying standby, Jesus will always get us where we need to be when HE needs us to be there. He is sure despite the way the situation appears.

So even though I feel as if I got a little off course in life, and now find myself waiting to see what flight I can catch next, I know God will get me where I need to be when He needs me to be there. He is always speaking, always directing; I need to listen better. I can be a lot more patient and worry far less when I begin to trust the Author more than the story.


Link to Freedom preach: It’s Not Over



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