The Difference One Can Make

This morning I was reading through John 1:35-51 and came across a phrase that stops me cold each time I pass it: what are you seeking?

We’re all seeking something.

According to the gospel of John, this is the first time the character of Jesus (in the flesh) is really introduced. The first verses of John, of course, provide a very creative description of the Word becoming flesh, and a light in the darkness, but I believe verse 35 is when those attributes become tangible because it’s the first time Jesus speaks. In verse 29 Jesus comes to John to be baptized, but never says anything. I find it interesting that it’s the first comment John records Jesus saying is the phrase what are you seeking? I don’t really know what I would have answered.

Let’s back up a minute. In the previous verses, we see the account of John (the baptist) who is known as the one who, let’s say, set the stage for Jesus’ arrival. He was talked about in Isaiah, and he knew his job on the earth was to prepare the way of the Lord. One person who made an incredible difference.

John would have had quite a few Twitter followers, I’m sure. A couple of those were a man by the name of Andrew and Joe Smith (his name is not mentioned here). John points these guys to Jesus and they start following Him…like literally walking behind Jesus. Jesus notices this and turns to ask that question: what are you seeking?

They ask where He’s staying! What kind of reply is that? My red stalker flag would have shot right up. But instead of freaking out (because Jesus doesn’t ever do that), He invites them along. They spent one day with Him and who knows what amazing things they heard from Jesus himself. Andrew was apparently enthralled by this Jesus guy and went and told his brother, Simon.

Simon met Jesus and got a name change. Jesus called him Peter; the same Peter who would have the revelation that this idea of The Church was worth giving his life to. He understood the foundational concept that Jesus was the Messiah and helped launch a movement that is still thriving 2000+ years later.

One man, John, finds Andrew and points him to Jesus. Jesus asks, “what are you seeking.” Every person we come in contact with on a daily basis is seeking something. We/they often look to other things to fill the void of that need or desire. Jesus is asking us to come along with him to see that only those needs and desires can be fulfilled in Him. Andrew’s heart was changed when he met Jesus, enough to go get his brother and tell him about Jesus too.

Because of John, Peter met Jesus and the world has never been the same.

Who is your Andrew? Who is seeking something that can’t be found anywhere else than in the forgiveness and love of Jesus? Who can you bring to church this Sunday? You never know; your invitation could impact the lives of thousands some day.

This weekend at NewSpring, we are praying for 500 people to meet Jesus. I’m so excited to watch the Lord do abundantly more than we can ask or imagine.


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