So It’s Been a While

Hello my friends.

If it wasn’t apparent by my lack of blog posting the last three months, I’ve been a little bit busy. It’s probably safe to say that I was getting a little overwhelmed with life also, and felt as though this outlet was not the best to process my feelings like it has been in the past. At any rate, I’m back.

I’ve been 27 for just over a week now and I’m feeling a difference. Yup. This rarely happens in a persons life, at least in my own, where a period of 24 hours can actually cause one to feel a sense of unfamiliar territory when it comes to a new age. Maybe I’m just letting my words flow too freely. Anyway, I got sick on my birthday and spent the better part of my week on the couch pondering this next year.

A lot has changed.

A lot will change.

I’m certain of one thing: change.

So as I save my written words to hopefully add to pages of a book that may, or may not one day make it to the public, I’ve decided to jump into the world of “vlogging” to share this next journey. It’s bound to be a doozie: I feel it.

More than anything, I’d love to hear stories of your faith and health journeys. While I can only speak from my own current experiences, I don’t want this to be only about that one path. There are many to celebrate. Please, feel free to comment and share when you feel comfortable. I’m very excited about this next step and I hope you can be excited with me as well!


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