Night In

Ask me what my favorite story of all time is and I will tell you, that of Elizabeth Bennett.


I very much enjoy the book, and while this particular rendition doesn’t follow the true work of Jane Austen to the letter, it remains on my top 10.
Why do I love the story of Elizabeth Bennett? Because I feel like I get her. Spitfire, independent, and often times too much for any man to understand (but her father). I love the relationship she has with her father, yet this is one thing I cannot fully relate to.
I also enjoy the initial relationship between Lizzy and Mr. Darcy. He is quiet and complex, she intelligent and outgoing. Often their interaction is filled with crass, passing remarks, covered up by social protocol. He is challenged by her, she is annoyed by him.
More than the love story it becomes, I love the life story that it is.

So here I sit, cuddled up with my very generous spot of tea, studying the characters of a story I so thoroughly enjoy.

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