Brain Vacation

What is the antithesis of creativity? Think of it and you’ll know how I feel. It’s unfortunate because I’m staying in this beautiful downtown Charleston home all by myself. I have my piano and guitar, ample amounts of time, no one to bother, no rigid schedule to keep. And yet I sit here unimaginative, uninspired, and therefore unproductive.

I’m simply exhausted.

But from what?

And even now, as I write, I’m thinking of just hitting the “Save Draft” button and shutting the Mac down. I’m trying to force myself out of this place with words, but I can’t tell if my efforts are at all churning the fallow ground. I’m reading a lot of the Bible right now and I can feel the verses knocking at the door of my brain’s creative wing, but the call is being ignored. Are you all on vacation? Are you sending my calls straight to voicemail? You took a vacation and didn’t tell me?

It’s days like today that make me wish I could really get some happy pills.


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