Hands Full

Today I decided to go shopping…at Wal-Mart…on a Sunday.  I didn’t have much to get.  But maybe that’s what initiated this funk.  Since writing Careful What You Pray For last night, I keep thinking about how bad I am at this patience thing.  It’s seriously a conscious effort to not think about things that would otherwise consume me with worry or anxiety.  For you, my reading friends, this isn’t just a piece of fiction; I’m living it.

I came home with my hands full.  The door to the garage of my current home has two locks on it that remain bolted all day.  I don’t like making multiple trips to and from my car, so I challenge myself by overloading my poor hands with shopping bags.  Walking up to the door, I realized I put my house keys in the same hand as the five grocery bags, and proceeded to tell myself how idiotic a move it was to do that.  After much struggle and complaining, I managed to get the key out of that hand, in the door and made my way inside.

Immediately God spoke to me saying, “Bridget, I’ve given you the key to unlock every door that stands before you, but you insist on making it more difficult by carrying all this baggage in with you.”


I know this is a very specific message to me personally, but I felt impressed to share it with you all today.  God is so gracious to reveal our issues one at a time so we can work through them.  We will never be perfect.  We will never have it all figured out.  But I believe the Lord is saying that often times, we try to cary a lot of that with us, thinking it will get taken care of the next time around.  God is trying to make the door-opening process easier on us and yet we insist on making it more difficult.

I suppose it’s time to see what kind of baggage is making these doors more of a challenge to open than intended and get rid of it.



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