Be Still

I’m so thankful that life seems to be slowing down a bit. I say this under my breath, knowing that I’m bound to get a phone call or email or facebook message inviting me to do something or attend another meeting or get involved with something creative.  I guess I’m still learning how to say no.

Anyway, I had some time to actually read and reflect today.  The best part about this second job I took on is it affords me time to spend with God.  I know I should carve that time out no matter what I do, but it’s a process, right?  As I was journaling, The Lord brought Psalm 46:10 to my mind.  It was perfect timing too, because I just started thinking how I needed to start a to-do list, and a grocery list, and a wal-mart list.  God was like, hey, Bridge! I’m right here.  Shush for a second.

Be still, and know that I am God.

I started digging into that verse a little further and God created an incredible picture for me about the deep meaning of it.  Most believers know it, and I find myself repeating it often, but I never really got something this tangible out if it before.

The word still is the English translation of the Hebrew word raphah.  Immediately, I thought there was some connection to Jahovah Rapha our Healer…but read on.  This form of the word, the root form, I guess you’d say, means a few things.  The biggest that stood out to me was the meaning “to slacken” – Be still.  Let go of the rope.  

I over think absolutely everything in my life.  I over process multiple scenarios of single encounters, worry about what I have to accomplish the next few weeks, give myself headaches taking on more than I can mentally organize.  I mean, you should feel the knots in my back.  I’m pretty tightly wound.  I saw myself holding this rope attached to everything I’m trying to keep under control and God is sitting next to me in my quiet time saying, would you please just give it some slack? In fact, kiddo, I’ll hold onto it while you and I talk. Don’t worry; I won’t let it get out of control.  Another meaning of raphah is to “leave” or “let alone” – it makes sense.

Be still – give the rope some slack, let it go, take a break…shush

As I let this sink in, God did make me aware of the other form of raphah which is rapha’ and I assume forms our understanding of Jahovah Rapha – God our healer.  Being still with the Lord is also a time (when we finally let go of our worry and to-do lists) that He can come in and clean house.  The word rapha’ literally means “to mend” like in sewing.  The blankets of our lives become tattered with experiences and pain and stress and heartbreak.  Without time being still, He doesn’t get time to take out the needle and thread and make us new again.

To cure, to heal, to repair thoroughly, to make whole

Without time in His presence, we can’t let Him work to make us into the men and women He needs us to be.  It’s a battery recharge, a life lift.  And it’s in this place where we are being still that we start to draw close to His heart. …and KNOW that I am God.  Intimacy comes with time.  Not only are we benefiting, but you know He is! He loves time with us.  And I think The Lord is saying that when we spend time in stillness with Him, not only is it stress relief and healing, but it’s love, and passion, and fulfillment.

It makes me want to carve out a whole lot of space for some Jesus time.

How about you?


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