John Mayer’s Answer

I had the most incredible dream last night. It was so vivid and raw. I was sitting in a room with John Mayer and my mom. Somehow the topic came up that we were covering “Waiting on the World to Change” this Sunday at church. So he had me sing it for him. It wasn’t anything I was nervous about. Oddly, I wasn’t intimidated by him. I didn’t finish the whole song because I could feel that it wasn’t a big deal to him.
After I was done, we all sat down and made small talk. Soon I felt myself blurting out, “John, I have to ask you a question.”
With a slight smile and a reassuring “go for it” I continued…
“I listen to your live stuff, all the emotions that come from your playing. I start to tear up just thinking about those tones you create with that Strat…” I feel my own emotion rising…”and then I hear songs like this, or Daughters, and it isn’t that they’re bad songs…”
“But what happened?” we both say at the same time.
He kind of laughs and goes on to explain there is nothing like when he plays from his heart, but sometimes you have to use your talent in different ways to get the message out.
We talked about what an audience wants and what labels like…but nothing compares to the song in your soul.

What a dream. John, if you ever read this, I’d be honored to have a conversation with you on the topic any day. I don’t know if this would be your true answer, but it’s encouraged me beyond measure.

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