Halfway Home

John F. Kennedy immortalized some of my favorite words, saying, “Change is the law of life; and those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.”

Being back home the last few days has opened my eyes to the reality that I’m not the same young woman I was nearly two years ago.  I don’t look the same, I don’t think the same, I don’t feel the same.  Change is the law of life.  As much as I want to close my eyes to the differences surrounding me, I have to realize life keeps moving with or without my acknowledgment of it doing so.

Currently, I’m sitting in my favorite overpriced health food store cafe, reminiscing of days when my thoughts turned to leaving my home town.  I had no idea the adventure that waited for me three thousand miles east.  I’ve missed Spokane. Washington is still the most beautiful state in the lower fourty-eight.  I will never feel more at home in a town than I do right here and right now. With that said, this place is my past. As of today, I only feel halfway home.

I’ve looked to the past and I see the present.  My goal is not to miss the future.  I left Charleston with the challenge of gaining clarity on what I was doing there.  Being home, all I can think about are the songs I need to write and the musicians I miss playing shows with.  All that consumes me are the bookings I have and the meetings I need to schedule.  Excitement rises when I see that I have so much to look forward to…and going backward is not an option.

My opinions are different.  My life is different.  I love my friends and I love my family.  This may be my home, but Charleston is my adventure.  Spokane holds my heart, but Charleston encourages my passion.  This is my past, Charleston is my future.

Man I wish I had my guitar…

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