Happy Black Friday

If you’ve followed my blog long enough, you know I can be somewhat opinionated.  I realize it’s not always appropriate to blast our frustrations all over the internet, but sometimes we need a bit of a wakeup call.

Today was Thanksgiving.  I know there’s a lot of controversy regarding what really happened at that first feast, but today, American’s mark this day as a time to share a good meal with family and friends, remembering what is important in life.  Leave it to Americans to forget what we even started.

The company I work for never sleeps.  We are open 365 days per year.  Let me first say, I am thankful to have a job.  The current state of our nation is one where stability comes in doses.  However, the day big business began to think the seven-day work week would expand profitability of the American Dream became the demise of the dream itself.  Maybe it became the demise of the pursuers of the dream.  No rest.  It’s when our dads started working weekends and our moms had to take second jobs to make ends meet.  It birthed TV dinners and delivery pizza.  It grew fast food drive-thru’s and 24 hour WalMarts.  The desire for more wealth took away our time.  We wanted more money and yet we spent our lives.

I had to work today, and while most of my customers showed sympathy for those of us stuck serving holiday beverages, others seemed to expect our service.  And if any of them truly felt bad about it, they wouldn’t be purchasing our libations, right?  I understand that not every American celebrates holidays like Christmas, but why can’t every business in America let their employees and customers stop for a moment and remember the roots of our existence as a nation?

After dinner with my mom and her husband’s family, I drove home noticing people looking in the windows of Wallgreens,  and driving past grocery stores to see if they were open.  I couldn’t help thinking, who have we become?  We have a sense of entitlement that everything should be at our fingertips when we want it.  We don’t think about the people who got to leave work for a few hours to spend with family before they had to come back and serve you again.  We don’t think about those who don’t get weekends off, those who have to work three jobs…we just want coffee! Now!

America, you are dying.  How ironic to notice it on a holiday that was supposed to define our values as a nation.

…and now, at 10pm on Thanksgiving, some stores are opening for you to continue investing in what means the most in life to Americans.  We may as well stop celebrating Thanksgiving and make Black Friday a national holiday.  No one wants to spend time with their families, anyway.  It would be a better representation of who we’ve become.


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