Occupy…yer mom?

I read on CNN the other day about the celebrity spokespeople for this Occupy Wall Street Movement. Okay, first of all, those celebrities are part of the 1% so I think that’s BS. Secondly, if those celebrity spokespeople would dump the millions they make back into jobs and programs to help fund education, wouldn’t that be a better “statement”?
If you make hundreds of millions of dollars per year, I think you can spare a little. But we love our celebrities. Fame is a witch. And it’s the 99% of us who told them they “deserve” it. We buy movie tickets, we go to sports events, we see shows. We elect officials. We gave them the power when we said we didn’t care about our world. And now all of a sudden it’s out of hand? Now all of a sudden we are crying about it?

So I say, go occupy yer mom. We did this to ourselves.

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