Road Less Traveled

Well it takes truth.
I’m so thankful for people who care enough to be honest & tell me to snap out of my funkified pity party.

This week, God showed me another picture. My last blog was a lovely little representation of my subconscious stuck at a fork in the road. My decision seemed to be one direction or another…because I most certainly did not want to go home.

As I was praying, though, God brought me back to the little girl, too afraid to move, and a new path appeared. This path, however, was not paved. In fact, it wasn’t even gravel. In the tall grass between the two defined roads were mere footsteps. The Lord began to show me that my path is one less traveled. Many have taken the right and many have taken the left, but few have forged this way.
It was such a powerful picture…and a mind bending concept. I can only tell where to begin because of a few patches of trampled grass where I can only assume others have walked, but after that, I have to search for the next step. It won’t be laid out in front of me. It won’t be definite. I will have to learn my way.

Surprisingly, I’ve been told this for years. I’m stubborn; what can I say. I won’t get it until I see it for myself.

Another revelation I had is my vision is also just a baby and I expect her to walk already. You can’t force progress. People with my personality type will understand the frustration of knowing what could be, but expecting too much from what is. God is slowing me down. No, a two month old can’t walk. But one day, you look at your child and she’s crawling, and the next she takes her first step. It is a process, but God can also do the unexpected. Sometimes, we have to live to be surprised.

So it looks like I might need to grab a backpack and some extra water…maybe a first aid kit and some dried apricots. Looks like God didn’t want me to hitch a ride; I have to hike this one.

Oh and snakes…something for those darn snakes…………


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