What I Have

Some of you may have seen a tweet I posted just a few hours ago while I was cooking what seemed to be my last meal.  I have very few items left in my house which have sustained me between $6 Moe’s Monday and free protein smoothies during work.  My roommate hasn’t ever said anything, but our refrigerator looks pretty comical.  Let’s just say that my side is the one with nothing in it.

Seriously, when I got home from work today, I found its contents barren, save the last bit of  a stock of celery and some club soda.  My pantry had a can of water chestnuts and a can of bamboo shoots, oatmeal, protein powder, tuna, rice, and saltine crackers.  Let me say this list posed some challenges when I tried to figure out what I might eat for the next few days.  However, desperation often times calls forth creativity, and so I set to work.

I marinated the chestnuts, celery and shoots in a little bit of soy sauce and spices I had an abundance of.  It became my drab, pastel stir fry with the brown rice that remains a staple in my dry goods bin.  I opened some tuna cans, sprinkled on some dill, combined with the olive oil mayo that neither Sarah nor I lay claim to, added some “breadcrumbs” or rather, demolished saltines,  and called it tuna patties.   We’ll see how those turn out tonight.

I don’t aim to bore you with witty recollections of my cooking experiments.  However, in the midst of this moment,  God reminded me of the story where Elijah visits the widow and her son in 1 Kings 17.  That woman had only a little oil and a little flour.  When Elijah met her, she was going to make her last meal (serious last meal), feed her son and die.  I don’t really know how that feels.  Silly me starts thinking how I wish I would’ve been working out all this time, eating so poorly…maybe I would have lost a few pounds.  But this woman was in a serious predicament – a bona-fide famine.  And God rescued her.

There is a lot more to that story which I could totally get into, but right now, I wanted to take a moment  (and encourage you, my readers, to do the same) and look around at my situation.  No, I can’t really afford to make decent meals because I’m too worried about how I’m going to pay my bills…BUT…I have a job.  I have friends who make me dinner if I stay long enough (haha…thanks Amy Young ;)).  And I have a Father in Heaven who doesn’t leave me hanging out here all alone.  He provides…and it would be easier for Him to do if I’d stop trying to be a control freak and actually surrender.  Again, another story.

So what do you have?  You might look at yourself or your family and see what you don’t have. But what DO you have?  And then take a moment to pray for those others who don’t have even that much.  Pray for the Elijah’s to come and invite God to move in those situations.  Ask the Lord to multiply the little they have to sustain them in trial.  Maybe for you it isn’t material or substantial.  Maybe it’s spiritual.  I need faith…he can multiply the little of that as well.

Hey my celery and rice, tuna and saltines became dinner for the next two days.  God figures.

5 thoughts on “What I Have

  1. Just a suggestion that will help those who love you to take care of you when God calls us to – give us your email address so we can send a little PayPal cash now and then. Love you!


  2. More important than that, Bridget, is how inspiring your post was to both of us. I read it aloud to Scott, and we both were struck by what a God-centered, spiritually mature woman you are. Blessings to you!


  3. Well thank you so much. God is teaching me a lot. I will set that up…or find the information again. You both are wonderful.


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