Hey! Thats Not Yours!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve really had to take a disgustingly close look at my mouth. Let me clarify the fact that I’m not referring to my literal mouth, but rather the words I tend to spew from it. God heightened my awareness to how much I gossip and stab. Safe to say, I’m quite sickened by it.
The Proverbs mention it again and again: keep a guard over your mouth, put a knife to an untame tongue. Words are serious business. I’ve been complaining about customers and coworkers because everyone else does it. How is that standing out to look like Jesus? And to top it off, I’ve been taking up their offenses. That’s another big no-no.
More times than anything else, I find myself in hot water because of something I said behind someone’s back. It comes around. The more I’ve used my words in frustration and dislike, the worse I feel. Those things create a big black cloud that I now live under. I’m not doing myself any good this way, nor am I gaining any more respect for the human being I’m degrading.
If I’ve picked up an offense, I can’t even see that person in a proper light. The truth and reality of their situation becomes blurred by the account of the hurt party, leaving no room for unbiased opinions. I can do a lot of damage with that.
But if that isn’t enough, everyone is mesmorized by this particular communication faux pas. Just watch Bravo, MTV, or E! for five minutes and tell me our generation isn’t saturated with backbiting.
I’m writing this to admit my fault. I want to work on it; I don’t want to treat people like that because I don’t want to be treated like that. Just because someone was wrong or stupid or rude doesn’t mean I have to automatically enhance that image with my comments.
I hope I’m strong enough to stand up to it as well. It’s one thing not to participate and another to call people out. I wonder what our world would be like if we all just stopped talking about one another and started being nice. Might just make the day a little brighter. A bit of silence, in this case, won’t kill me.

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