To All You Who Worry

Patience has never been my strong suit. Come to think of it, neither has trust, and both of those walk hand in hand. I experience unexpected waves of peace every once in a while but it truly is something I don’t continually walk in. However, today is one such day.
You know, the feeling walking out of a valley is always quite unique. It isn’t this euphoric windedness, seeing where you’ve been, looking down on your “accomplishments”, nor is it the anxiety and lonliness felt in the midst of that valley. Hiking up the side of the mountain, there is a sense of determination because you see where you’ve come from, but you also see how far there is to go.
It’s how I feel right now. For the last few months I’ve put unwarranted stress on myself. I got stuck in a mindset forrested with control. The lists and how-to’s became gnats and flies, bothersome and annoying. I created this misinformed reality, believing a lie I had to figure everything out or it wouldn’t happen.
I don’t know what circuit finally connected in my brain, but I realized how insignificant my issues were. Don’t get me wrong; it’s still my life and always at the forefront of my mind. But what I did with those unrealistic thoughts had to change. I had no good reason to worry. Worrying meant I didn’t trust God…and it meant that I could figure it out better than He could. The reality of the situation is I can’t, and I never will.
Over the last few weeks, He’s proven that He cares even about my insignificant life…He takes care of it when I let Him. He cares for the birds, so how much more does He care for you and me? A lot. It’s not this huge ordeal for Him. I find myself just thinking things – not even praying for them – and then I’ll get a phone call or email about that very subject with an answer. Sometimes I’m even ashamed to ask because I feel like it’s too stupid to want “that”…and then it happens. Don’t confuse this for coincidence.
God is big.
Walking out of this valley, I see all the junk He had to cut through to make a pathway. The point isn’t the junk, though. The point is that He made a path. He figured it all out. I just need to keep moving in a direction. Worry is pretty much planting yourself in the middle of chaos. Nothing is accomplished that way.
God knows the deepest places in our hearts. He knows what we need and what we want. This isn’t a genie in a bottle; that concept was created from selfishness and control. God is love and with that love, He wants to bless us. Blessing comes with trusting. Trust comes with believing that He is big enough to take care of everything you can’t possibly figure out on your own.
If He cares enough to bring in money to make a record, then I’m sure He cares what happens after it’s made.
If He cares enough to bless you with a talent, then I’m sure He cares enough to give you opportunity to use it.
If He cares enough about what I desire in a husband, He cares enough to place the perfect companion in my life.
He has a better plan.
…because He’s always at the top of the mountain, looking down at your valley, and knows the best way out. So why worry about what you can’t even see with an accurate perspective? Don’t be anxious for anything…ask God to help you out of it. He will make a pathway. Guaranteed. Just don’t expect it to look the way you wanted it to.

2 thoughts on “To All You Who Worry

  1. Thank you so much for sharing that. I absolutely love it! Why reading it I smiled multiple times, and got chills towards the end. You are so right! And it’s not always easy to remember those things, but the more you do, the easier it becomes to just let go and trust. I wrote something not too long ago that was very similar and related it to being in a car. God is driving, and I am the passenger. Sometimes I get confused though and try to take over the wheel. I think I am in control, but if I am only a passenger and I am trying to take the wheel, that will only lead to disaster. I need to be the best copilot I can be, but leave the rest of the driving up to God. It only makes sense, since He knows my destination.


  2. Wow! It has been tough to be on the same journey but in different valleys. But I am so blessed with some of the same experiences. I love being transformed from a worry wart to a daughter who just . . . trusts. And I feel even that was a work done by the Lord – all I had to do was release my control and hold on the very things He was trying to take care of. I know I won’t do it perfectly but must stay at His feet to maintain the connection that truly sustains me!
    Love you bunches Pooget! ❤ ❤ ❤


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