A Girl and Her Dream

We all have dreams.

Our dreams, no matter how big or small, no matter how silly or serious, make us who we are.  However, too many of us stop at the dreaming part.  We might write about them in our journals, tell them to very special friends, but never believe that those dreams could actually become reality.

I was that girl.

I was that girl until I took a chance and stepped outside my comfortable reality.  I realized life wasn’t really worth living if I didn’t at least try to actualize the vision.

So here I am.

Three thousand miles from home and familiarity, I’m beginning to see the insignificance of my significance.  Yes music is a great part of my makeup, but I’ve already seen that making this record is so much bigger than myself.  The people I’ve met, the connections, the encouragements exchanged are worth more than the success of these songs…and it’s only the beginning.

I encourage anyone that stands before a wall of impossibility to gear up and take your first punch at it this year.  Often times breaking down the wall of insecurity or unbelief takes more than your own strength.  Sometimes it’s not even a matter of breaking down the wall; more of ten, it’s surrounding yourself with people who will help you climb it, or locking arms with those who can swing a mallet with you…and then offering your doubt-busting hammer when they need it.

I’m asking for your help because I don’t know where I’m going to find $2500 to make it a few more miles.  So many people think they have to give a lot when they see a number like that.  But if $5 is all, that is INCREDIBLE.  I also know it’s after the holidays and everyone is short on change, but this is not an impossibility.  Thank you so much…and keep your dreams alive by doing something with them.

Please visit this page to see what we’re up to:

Kickstarter Donation Page

And in support of some incredible people who have truly inspired my creativity to new levels, please think of how you can support their dreams:

Neil B. Young – YoungMixing

Susan Lloyd Photography

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