Brush With Destiny

So this is what it feels like…

This past weekend, I was blessed to take another step discovering what God is calling me to do with this whole music thing. If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you know how I go back and forth wondering if I’m doing the right thing. This weekend proved I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to be doing…and what an amazing feeling.
Many of you don’t know the exact circumstances by which I came to South Carolina…and that’s okay. If you want to know, feel free to ask. More often than not, I’m finding out that my timing is no where near God’s. However, when I let Him take control, things began to fall into place like tetris blocks.
Neil and I headed into Plantation Studios this past weekend to track drums for all four songs appearing on the EP. This was the biggest thing we needed to get finished so we could proceed with the project. Ben Scott (our drummer) was incredible to work with. He listened to what we wanted and helped us figure out how to actualize the crazy things we hear in our heads.
I learned more about a snare drum than I ever thought I would in my entire life. We spent hours finding the right tones and pitches for each song, utilizing a variety of snare types. Sometimes getting that perfect tone even meant placing Neil’s wallet on the head when a Moon Gel just didn’t do the trick. I struggled through my novice drumming (in)competence, forcing explanations with digga-da’s and ba-da-ba-dums…but somehow it worked out.
This was the time Neil encouraged me to be completely honest: if I didn’t like something, I had to tell him so we could make it right. It really grew my confidence and tuned my ear to hear what I really wanted for each song. Thank goodness both he and Ben showed me some grace!
There was this moment when Neil and I were discussing a section of a tune and giving direction two different ways. Poor Ben. Anyway, we started laughing and Neil pressed the talk-back button saying, “Sorry man, you’re dealing with two producers in here…”
That was it. After that particular take, the reality of the situation finally hit me in the face. My dream was unfolding right before me. I was recording and co-producing my first record. Wow.
As I sat behind Neil in the control room, something came alive. It was a moment that I knew I wanted to do this for the rest of my life…and not just for my own music. I want to produce, I want to mentor, I want to encourage, I want to write. Music is my life and doing anything else just doesn’t make sense.
So after a long night and a 2:30am wake-up call, followed by a few more hours in the studio, we were done…with that part anyway. Neil is already hard at work editing and after hearing even a very rough mix, I’m excited. I hope you are too.

I’ll post photos here in a few days…maybe even a little sneak-peek video. Thank you for your continued support.


Neil Young
Ben Scott


Neil on Too Much Caffeine

2 thoughts on “Brush With Destiny

  1. That sounds awesome! I hope to be able to record one day. Although I’m NOT a writer. 😉

    If you need any bgv’s .. . . hehe


  2. Bridget – AWESOME!!!!!! Glad to hear things are going good for you and you are exactly where you need to be!!! I know you and I have had an arms length type of musical friendship through the years – but it’s very awesome to hear what’s going on with you and how you’re being used. Encouraging even. 🙂 keep the faith…. keep the music! God Bless you lady!


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