Don’t Say That You Want Me…

…Say That You Need Me

Yes, The Daylights’ newest release is stuck in my CD player…yeah, I still have one of those. There’s a little shout out to the Jackson brothers for supplying me with a title. Anyway, the issue of relationships has come up again but from an outsider’s perspective these days.
We live too much for the moment. We think decisions we make won’t affect us. Whether it’s the excuse that everyone does it or you just want to have fun, hasty decisions rarely lead to good things. I’m watching hearts turn cold…even my own as I took a brief detour toward apathy.
We want it now. But now may not be best. We forget the lives affected by our decisions. That’s someone’s husband I’m gawking at…do I think about that? And here we sit, a fatherless, uncommitted generation…and we wonder why.
Because this life is not about right now. I have tomorrow to invest in today; I won’t last forever. It’s not about what I want – it’s what we need.

How will you be the change?


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