No Easy Way

It always amazes me when I listen to a record and it just speaks to everything I’m “dealing” with at the moment; it’s such a beautiful thing about music. As a songwriter myself, I know that I wear my heart on my sleeve when I write some songs. Although it’s my own crap I’m processing, I’m blown away how so many can relate. Because life is life, right?
Right now I’m rocking The Morning Passengers EP by this amazing band called Green River Ordinance. If you haven’t already heard them, please go support these guys. Not only are they incredible musicians, their hearts are really in the right place. They just love making music…and I support them all the way.
Anyway, this week has been rough. I want to write this in a way where I don’t sound like I’m whining because I’m really not trying to. It’s just a season and I’ll get through it like every other, but maybe this will help someone else too. I came face to face with reality again this week: reality that I still battle rejection, reality that I feel alone, reality that nothing is going the way I wanted it to. It’s been a week of healing and forgiveness of myself and others. It’s been a week of tears and laughter. It’s been a week.
As much as I want to put on the happy face and pretend like everything is fine, I can’t. It’s not truth. I left my home, my support, my comfort to chase a dream and walk down a path I truly believe God asked me to. While I know He’s with me wherever I go, I can’t help but feel alone.
I have to stop myself there because I’m going to start rambling about things I don’t yet believe. So I give you some lyrics from that record…

Sometimes your world gets caught beneath the undertow
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it’s both
Sometimes your world gets caught beneath the undertow
You’re not alone, You’re not alone

And so I’m reminded that I’m not alone.

Give it all to find yourself…

Sorry this blog is so scattered. I just can’t finish it right now…so I’ll just leave it at this:
Out of the Storm
You got me where you want me
You had me all along
I’m learning the hard way now
There’s no easy way out of this storm
Out of the storm

Just get the record…that’s all I’m gonna say.

All lyrics by Green River Ordinance


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