A Few More Words

I don’t know who’s going to read this tonight but someone out there needs to hear this:
Tonight I was brushing my teeth, reflecting on the day and conversations I’ve had. Today is a one-time gift and too often I let it pass without acknowledging any significance in the small things. If my day didn’t go “as planned” I throw it away and often get frustrated, rather than embrace what could’ve been placed there to make an impact in even the slightest way.
And so I see the greater journey we’re all on. We have plans and want to see them materialize. But many times they change without the decency of two-weeks notice. We have the choice to get frustrated or to examine the greater purpose.
When everything falls apart you can be asured that three things remain:
…….and the greatest of these is love.
It’s not easy, but I’m working on asking God for His eyes when all I can see is chaos…the eyes of faith. In Him there’s hope for a brighter tomorrow. He is love in every meaning of the word, and placed people in our lives to show us that love when we’re going through what seems like hell.
So maybe you have a dream that was dashed when your father told you to quit because it wasn’t reality. Maybe you’re a single mom who lost her job. Maybe you’re 50 years old, disappointed that you let fear keep you from your heart’s desires all these years. I encourage you, when shift happens, let it. Because in the end, good can be found. I don’t always know how; like I said, I’m still trying to get this concept.
I know not all of you who read this believe in God, but I have to tell you, He works all things for the good of those who love Him. We just have to be willing to find that good…to find Him in the turmoil.

“So my friends, stand firm, stand together, always remembering that your lives have purpose and where you are, what you’re doing right now is not useless.” – 1 Corinthians 15:58 (Bridget Vogel’s Translation)

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