Birthday Wishes…

The ‘ol Birthday is approaching soon…and I was hoping that instead of gifts, you would help us get the music OUT!

First things first: people won’t hear if they don’t know about it. Please choose some of your friends who you think would enjoy the music and tell them to check out the page! Friend suggesting is the best thing to expand the audience. Word-o-mouth, ya know?

If all of you get one person to “befan” me, we will double!!! Isn’t that exciting???

Just click thislink to my page and then click the “Suggest to Friends” button under my picture. This is how it starts!

Second: I need investors. We have AWESOME songs coming down the line and I want you to hear them. So if you were going to send me a birthday card or something cute, please don’t.

Put that money, whether it’s $2 or $200, into myBridget Vogel Donations account on Pay Pal.

It’s safe, it’s secure and it’s fast & super easy.

I just got my first $50 donation and I’m blown away! I know this will happen…so while you’re telling your friends, invite them to help out. Maybe get together and pool your dollars. Don’t feel like you have to give a huge sum alone. I would be so appreciative. Great things are happening and I want you to be part of them!

Pass this message on!!! Thank you so much for your support!

Bridget Vogel

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