Modern Day Levite

A couple of hours ago I was fighting an anxiety attack. I haven’t had one for quite some time. It was in that moment I realized that life gets overwhelming when I try to keep a tight fist around my circumstances, or when I worry about people & situations entirely out of my control. All I could do was close my eyes & item by item, acknowledge that God had it. I wasn’t alone, He knew my situation, He knew what was going on with other people. It is not my job to fix it.
Worry. It really takes me over sometimes. I got my Bible out when the lightbulb went off that I needed to get closer to my Papa’s heart than anything. This week’s Torah reading starts in Deuteronomy 11:26-16:17 and everything regarding the Levites really stuck out to me. God is continually reminding Israel, “don’t forget about the Levite, orphan & widow.”
I know I’m a worship leader. Half of the purpose is in the church, but like the article I posted earlier on Facebook said, bringing people into the presence of God isn’t just for the church. So anyway, this is the call of a Levite and I feel very much like that.
I’m reading in this passage that the Levite has no inheritance of land, so they really cannot provide for themselves in any capacity. The Levite had no assurance that they would eat or have a place to live other than God commanding the people to be sure it was taken care of. They had to CONSTANTLY trust God, never asking, but always keeping faith that God would provide for every need. I got a sense that the Levite was socially lonely, spening their days with the Lord, singled out for invitations to festivals & meals…maybe only because it was a requirement.
As many of you might know, I really struggle with faith that God will see me through. I’d sometimes rather just skip life and move on straight to Heaven because I would be free of worry. I don’t trust people either, apparently. I’m a little mad that God would leave it up to selfish people to care for those who didn’t have an inheritance…but I guess He did so to teach us about the beauty of giving, even out of our lack.
I’m living less like a Levite and more like a selfish American, so antsy to make things happen. However, all God is asking of me involves letting go to FULLY embrace Him as Provider…even through the most stingy of people. It’s taking me a very long time to learn because I want it now. But what freedom I’d have of I really trusted God for everything every day.
I can. But will I?
To be continued…..


One thought on “Modern Day Levite

  1. Bridget we were thinking of you a lot on our trip to get Allen and praying for you also..
    You make us think more in our daily life’s walk what we should be doing..
    Take care and keep your eyes on HIM
    Love yah


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