What GaGa Said to Me

A few of you seem interested to know how I was so inspired by the infamous Lady GaGa, and I figured it would help if I elaborated by what I meant by that tweet.
Somehow I happened upon this interview with GaGa last night. I really wanted to hear the girl out. She and I are, in fact, the same age. This last season of American Idol, I watched her performance and was appalled. I mean, what was she saying to the young people of this world? A lot of what Madonna said in her day: sex is freedom. Vogue. Anyway, this interview was quite intriguing. I really had to move past her apathy regarding some issues…or maybe I should call it misinformation. She talked about being grateful to God, but I didn’t think she was talking about the God I love…
However, with all of that said, she is passionate. Music is all that matters to her. She’s not trying to be what anyone wants her to be; she is trying to change culture…and she’s doing it with a nearly violent force. GaGa had a goal and she’s running after it 150% meaning her success rate will continue to be very high. Not afraid to say what she thinks, GaGa is controversial, but she’s starting to make a point. In some way, I admire her ambition. I can respect her for the no-nonsense manner in which she lives. Art is her life and that’s all she cares about.
It’s not so much that Lady GaGa “inspired” me in a creative respect. However, she drove me to think critically about what I’m doing to affect change in my culture. What if we, as followers of Jesus, took on that same drive and determination to impact our world? We serve the most creative being in existence and yet we don’t act like it. Instead, we allow the world to advance with innovation and conceptual intrigue, positioning ourselves to be influenced by it and not the other way around. We are supposed to be the trend setters, yet we sit back, so afraid to speak our minds about truth and reality. Why is our walk not edgy?!? I want to redefine that word too.
I want to be a culture changer, not to open our generation to the idea of free sex and loose living, but to set an example that purity is one of the most radical lifestyles around. I want to have the drive to impact my generation like Lady GaGa, but for reasons far less selfish. I want to encourage my fellow artists to RUN after your dreams! Tap into the Creator and create the most amazing artwork, the most intriguing clothing, the most fascinating songs in existence. We don’t have a choice, friends…we HAVE to.
See, the other side gets it…they know the way into our culture and they’re not afraid to use it. Where are we? I don’t want to stand before God when He asks why I didn’t go for it with all that I had when He gave me the chance. Don’t give into the pressure that you have to conform to the world. Go into art shows, fashion shows, record deals TELLING them that YOU are defining your genre. No one will tell you how to run the show except the One who gave you the gift. GaGa does it all the time. We can’t be afraid to be assertive.
This is our time and we can’t let culture tell us otherwise. God, I’m so sorry for allowing my insecurity to tell me that I can’t do this. Maybe I won’t see fame…that’s not the point! However I make an impact, as long as You were glorified, it was worth it. Forgive me for letting this culture tell me I’m not good enough, because You have made me better. It’s time for the creative ones to stand up. As in the days of Hezekiah, we need to consecrate ourselves and get ready for restoration.
This is our mountain.
Sorry GaGa.


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