We Complicate Everything

Yesterday I took some time to go through the first & second chapters of Acts. We’ve come to the point in the Book when Jesus leaves the earth to return to His place in Heaven & instructs His followers in “The Great Commission.” Many people were saved in those days because the power of the Holy Spirit was so strong. I stepped back from this passage again wondering when we became so self-consumed & religious. It was a simple message to those who desired change: believe, repent, be baptized in the Spirit, stop doing what you’ve been doing, and then GO share your story.
In Acts 2:42 I found something very interesting. All these people did, the first thousand who put their lives on the line to have a relationship with God, involved four key things:
1) Devotion to the Word
2) Active Fellowship
3) Eating Together
4) Praying for One Another
…and attendance grew daily.
So where did we throw in judging “outsiders,” only doing what feels good, forgetting the orphan & widow, only caring for ourselves, wearing the happy mask, lying about our circumstances & comparing ourselves with one another?I don’t see it in the Book.
There was such simplicity, and yet such depth to the walk of early believers. Their faith was not based on playing the right songs for worship, preparing a message that made us warm & fuzzy, or impressing the young people with a new video. Don’t get me wrong; I see the point in using these elements. However, their faith came from a deep desire to know God because they anticipated meeting Him sooner than later.
They studied to get to know the heart of God, and they spent time together to show the heart of God. How I became the center of that universe still boggles my mind. It’s not all about me!!! Part is my relationship with God, but I believe that’s all so I can show you His love.
Hear me, I’m only just now getting this! I haven’t yet put it fully into practice…please don’t take it personally unless you’ve come under Holy Spirit conviction. I’m not accusing you. I just see how much I missed the memo until now! I have to get in the Word, build strong relationships, enjoy people & pray for them. That is the key…and through this simple plan, people will want to know God.

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