Beauty & Celebrity

I’m just going to come out and say it: I’m frustrated with society. I know it really does me no good to complain if I’m not doing anything to change it, but it’s a big monster, so really, how can I?
It all started a couple of weeks ago when some guys I work with began oohing over these girls that came in the store. The girls were pretty, but I was confused. What makes her beautiful? It wasn’t her heart at that moment. How degrading for those women. Hear me, I’m not saying beauty is a curse…it just means so little in the grand scheme of life. I wonder if we could’ve set a better example. We should have stood up and made men get to know us before we chose to put on the red lipstick.
This kind of poured over into some insecurity I’ve been dealing with regarding the profession I’m choosing…one where you’re constantly judged on the outside before anyone cares to give you the time of day. And I find myself wondering if I can deal with that kind of pressure. Maybe I can’t. But maybe I’ll surprise myself, too.
This caused me to think about all of those cool, “famous” people out there. People who are just…people. The Internet has really REALLY given us all a false sense of reality (if we choose to subscribe to that kind of absurd rationale). I like the Tweet & Facebook…it’s fun to see what the lofty are up to. However, I’m amazed by the number of fans who act like they know these people. I’ve done it too, but why?If I reply to someone, I know they won’t read it…it just seems cool to possibly be part of their world for a second. A world that’s full of stress, dealing with crazy bosses who want them to continually sign their lives away just for some radio play or the chance to get paid to do what they live to do. They have to deal with people they can’t trust, usually have very few friends because of it, and all the while we sit here thinking, I’m now part of their life. We live in a fantasy world if our goal is to get attention from them. We’re Greek members of society paying homage to these gods who don’t exist.
Shoot…they, like us, eventully make their way to the bathroom every day too.
When it comes down to it, it’s a rough life…but we don’t often see past the pretty faces or great songs. We don’t know the reality of their world.
So girls, just resign yourselves to the fact that you’re not going to marry John Mayer.

I am.

Lol…I do not want to, thank you very much; just had to throw someone off.
Seriously though, can we just like what they do & not try to weasel into their world uninvited? I know that agencies make BIG BUCKS off making people feel like they’re on the inside, but what does it mean in the end? Just think about it. Kind of a rhetorical question. I’ve met a lot of cool “famous” people the last couple years, but are we buddies? No. Will we ever be? Who knows & who cares. It’s not really up to me, anyway. I’d probably let them use my bathroom if they needed to, though.

My point of this blog is just to vent and then ask people to realize we are more than a job or a pretty face. Whether we have a #1 single or clean toilets for a living, we all live this thing called life. So we can spend our days comparing others & perpetuating a downright stupid system, or we can let reality hit us and be okay with who we are.

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