From the Other Side

Hi Friends!
This update has been a long time coming…and I do apologize for leaving you in suspense these past three weeks. Hopefully you follow me on Twitter (click there if you’re not) and have stayed updated through that or the trusty Facebook. Anyway, here I am, ready to tell you as much as I can without boring your face off.
Honestly, I have no better way to express what’s going on than just saying God is faithful. Many of you knew that I really didn’t know why God was bringing me down to Charleston. I mean, I had some little doors open and that was cool, but I was never assured that that was the “reason” – in short, I felt it had to be more than just music.
So I pressed through the uncertainty with confirmation that it was too late to turn around. I just needed to go and see what happened. My mom and I had a very uneventful trip across the country…well, there was the grueling 30 hours from Spokane to Chicago, and spending time with my family. We saw a lot of beautiful country and the van made it all the way with no problems whatsoever.
No lie, when I got here, I had no clue what was going to happen. Mom helped me get settled, but had to fly home a few days later. And that was it. I found myself alone. Right after that, I interviewed with Starbucks. Crazy thing is they offered me the job literally on the spot and I started the next day. God is faithful.
My roommate, Sarah, is awesome – we get along so well, both love music and she’s funny as all get out. We don’t get to see each other too often, but it’s been a perfect situation so far. God is faithful.
I’d been praying and asking God what I needed to do…because I can’t afford to start working on the project right away. The money part is really tight and will be until I find (or God provides) another way. He said just to be still and not push anything. I tell you what, the peace I felt in the last couple of weeks has been something I’ve never known before. I’d drive down the road feeling an absolute sense that I was in the place I needed to be at the right time. Shoot, I couldn’t see the plan at all, but I just knew that God made the right move.
Well with that, two weeks ago, He opened a door again and made a way where there looked like none. I’m now starting the project with Neil B. Young, an amazing musician/producer just because he wants to start working. When it comes to the actual EP, I don’t know what will happen, but it’s beginning. I’m learning SO much right now because I’ve never had someone sit down and take the time to walk me through this process. Learning about hooks and phrasing, developing a real chorus (ha ha), communicating ideas better with an audience, and becoming a more positive writer to accomplish what I really want to do. And we’re only two weeks in. I can’t imagine what the continued process will do for me as an artist. God is Faithful!
And I feel so blessed to have the friendship of Neil’s wife, Amy. We both eat crazy healthy food and have enjoyed health-food store adventuring, thrift store shopping, baking experiments and just hanging out. She’s so much fun to be around, also, and I’m just happy to know her!
A lot of other good things are happening, but I don’t really think it’s the time to go into detail about them…we’ll just wait to see what happens in the coming months. I’m very excited about the future.
Thank you for your prayers! I know that I ask a lot for you to pray for a financial miracle, but seriously, that’s the only way this can happen. I can’t take out a loan, I’m thinking about a second job, but I need to be able to focus on why God has me here. So please, keep praying. God is Big…and as I continually see, and will say again, God is faithful.

From the other side, all my best,



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